Bald Faced Truth Foundation [email protected]

The Shoemill stores have been one of the longest standing supporters of the Bald Faced Truth Foundation. This is a company that has given time, money, volunteer hours, shelf space, ideas and continues to demonstrate that a non-profit organization can become part of the fabric of a small business.

Shoemill is a shoe store. Ed Habre and his sons are experts in shoes from around the world. But if you walk into any of their stores what becomes evident is that they’re interested in far more than just selling shoes. They’re interested in being part of the community, and helping children participate in sports, music, art, drama and education.

They’re also interested in helping kids who show up at the beginning of the school year without shoes to help get them on their feet. We partnered with Shoemill on a project to make sure kids had decent shoes to wear to school. And each time the Bald Faced Truth Foundation has approached the Shoemill with a wild idea about a summer camp, or a golf tournament, or an auction, they’ve always said the same thing — “We’re in.”

Shoemill even supported education by sponsoring a scholarship for area teachers. We talk all the time about the foundation belonging not to the board members or the grant recipients but to the entire community. In that, the non-profit belongs to Shoemill, too. Because with the support of those shoe stores and the amazing family behind all that shoe expertise, I’m convinced we couldn’t do what we’ve done to this point.