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Asked all the time why I care so much about the BFT Foundation. I have three jobs. I’m hosting a three-hour radio show weekdays, writing columns in The Oregonian, co-hosting Sports Sunday on KGW and amid all of that what strikes me is that I ought to do something that truly matters with that platform. A lot of what I do is gone shortly after it’s produced. Podcast aside, the show is consumed in real time. When it’s done, it’s gone. Poof. Evaporates. The column and TV show, too, lasts a little longer, maybe carrying over to a dinner conversation or an office cubicle talk a day later. So the question isn’t why do I care, but why wouldn’t I care to do something that lasts beyond the airwaves and internet hits? I grew up at a time in which you could play sports, join the school band, act in a drama production and attend an after-school program at no additional cost to your family. I immersed myself in school activities, sports programs and music. So many others of my generation can relate to a time in which children were limited only by their interests. In some ways, the time put into the BFT Foundation is the most valuable professional time I could offer to my community.